‘Concepts Portrayal’ Shown

August 23rd, 2022 AS these ‘display’ of what some “Neutrals” ‘Armies’ might comprise accordingly. The ‘Numerical ID’ is to allow “Private Cargoes” of the ‘Convoys’, or “Invasion Force” contents, as would become ‘indicated’. The smaller ‘Counters’ are “1/2-inch”-square, as the larger were “3/4-inch”-X-“1-1/2-inch long” ‘Stand up/Hidden/Fog-of-War’ variations. They are ‘Generic’ since they’ll either “Stand Alone/Together” or within some greater ‘echelon’ above thus. AS “Battles” are formulated and published to incorporate A-L-L, then, PLAY in many ‘demeanor’ “is” EX-spectre-imitated, naturally! .

Published by grognadsusa

50 Years "Wargamer" & NAUGHT one moment 'mongering' WAH! "the HORROR... for such!"

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