Further “Aspects” FOR ‘Generic Counters’ or ‘Charts’

August 27th, 2022 AS intended with being “Printed OT” onto “8-1/2-inch-X-11-inches” Upon the ‘Organizational CHART’ you should denote the SPACE where the much smaller-(1/2-inch) ones are deployed/placed. THAT is W-H-Y they are so much tinier so as to allow several ones being ‘displayed’ as “Assets” of their particular ‘Group’. Usually, there is ONLY ‘1’ of any/each to indicate its being of avail FOR when this ‘Group’ becomes “Activated”. Certain ‘Activities’ WERE only of uses WITH proper ‘Counters’ that had been ‘assigned’ to where thus is warranted. For example, the “T” = ‘Transport’ would permit detaching a single, lone ‘1’==”Strength Point” to then become imported/emplaced UNTO either itself alone OR into yet another ‘Army/Group’ then. SUCH an ‘ability’ were “useful” WHEN/WHERE an ‘Enemy’ required ‘blockages’!

The ‘Charts’ were presented as Plain “B&W” in order of these becoming “Color-matches”-(printed upon ‘Color Paper/Cardboard’) if desired FOR their indicated ‘Nationality’! Yet again, I’ll advocate about ‘Cereal Boxes’ or several, since they’re FREELY useful ONCE “emptied”! “Craving and Raving Raising Bland Bran Chunks”! for the ‘Boxes’, no doubt?

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50 Years "Wargamer" & NAUGHT one moment 'mongering' WAH! "the HORROR... for such!"

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