Further Additions of/for/into/unto “Fortress America”-!

January 26th, 2023 As I’ve always wanted slightly M-O-R-E-! as regarded better/improved U.S.A. ‘Cards’ then, NOW here there were where you shall ‘observe’ for this-! You can Order ‘Armored Cars’ at the LINK(s) below and yes, some might appear overtly ‘Oldenatured’, K-? The following are greatly ‘Discounted’ where you shall indicate THOSE as ‘selections’ then.


Similar ‘Style/Type’ at there:


ONE ‘omission admittedly’ WERE “initial placement” is determined by U.S.A.-Player as nearby to WHERE these are puts into “Effected”/”Inflicted “, then.

Take notice of the ‘different’ figures adorning EACH edition. I don’t believe that they made/had A-N-Y ‘changes’ within the “Rules”-? IF you know of this, please “inform” A-L-L.

“Hollywood” Hugh-there heh-?

Published by grognadsusa

50 Years "Wargamer" & NAUGHT one moment 'mongering' WAH! "the HORROR... for such!"

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